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Make no mistake, Barth is a star, center stage. Run and grab your copy of Green Hearts. You will not be let down.
— Music Existence
 Photo by Patrick J. Eves - 2016, Northside Fest at Gold Sounds, Brooklyn.

First and foremost, Lesley Barth is a storyteller who believes in the power of music to change our lives and help us better understand ourselves and others. 

Listening to her January 2017 debut crowdfunded album Green Hearts, you'd think you found a long-lost record from 1971, but it's just her masterful update to the classic 70s singer/songwriter soul-baring sound found in artists like Joni Mitchell, Carole King, or Cat Stevens, mixed with a fresh and playful indie-pop sensibility. 

An emotive crowdfunded debut album following a 2015 EP, Green Hearts has been called "one of the most intelligent, evocative pop albums to appear in recent years(Anti-Heroin Chic)."  She draws from a full musical palette of influences to tell her stories, with disco-influenced tunes finding their place among Bossa Nova, Blues, and Country elements - always wrapped in a thoughtful mellow groove reminiscent of the late 60s and 70s. 

Drawing frequent comparisons to King, Mitchell, and Fleetwood Mac, with a commanding voice reminiscent of Natalie Merchant, Barth shapes these influences into a unique viewpoint - a mixture of confessional songwriting, poetry, and wry observations about human nature.   Her songs find the beauty in pain and the bittersweet nature of fleeting joy, as her songs seem to rotate seemingly straight-forward concepts around 360 degrees to expose the complexities of love, sadness, and other emotions. 

Praised for her clever lyrics and craftswoman approach to songwriting, Barth performs frequently to large and intimate crowds in the NYC and regional songwriter scenes.  Her rich voice immediately grabs the listener as she weaves engaging stories on solo guitar, piano, or with a full band that invites the audience into her world, laying bare her own emotions to help them access theirs. 

A rabid songwriter, Lesley wrote 30 songs in 30 days to celebrate her 30th birthday in July 2017, and from that her sophomore album is starting to take shape for release throughout 2018.

Her "behind-the-scenes" companion digital album to Green Hearts, Behind Green Hearts, is out December 15th, with stripped-down live versions of, and stories behind, songs from the album.

"Make no mistake, Barth is a star, center stage. Run and grab your copy of Green Hearts. You will not be let down." (Music Existence.)






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