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Selected Press

Recording at Brooklyn's Mission Sound May 2016, photo by Alice Teeple.

Recording at Brooklyn's Mission Sound May 2016, photo by Alice Teeple.

"One of the most intelligent, evocative pop albums to appear in recent years." - Anti-Heroin Chic

"Make no mistake, Barth is a star, center stage, and she is using her platform to give it her all. Run and grab your copy of Green Hearts when it comes out. You will not be let down." - Music Existence

 "Barth can deliver an impactful lyric that makes you do a double take, given the soft, sweet nature of her voice and style... As I finished fully listening to Green Hearts on a gray, rainy day, I felt moved by nearly every aspect of it." - 5/5 stars, White Noise Zine

“As her fan-base continues to grow and her dreams and ambitions get bigger, the sky may very well be the limit for this immensely talented singer song-writer.”
– Rebecca Haslam, PopWrapped

 “With a throwback disco-like groove and airy vocals, [Just Like Summer] is a happy tune that gets us in the mood to dance…and maybe drink some whiskey…The free-spirited nature of “Just Like Summer” is adorable…it is a bouncy, colorful and fun ride."
– Shayne Hanley, Pancakes & Whiskey


“So much in the music industry these days is coming off as sounding like artists are following a formula instead of being genuine and authentic. Then, out of left field, you get hit with an artist like Lesley Barth who is a breath of fresh air. She’s a quirky artist with a throwback style of vocal delivery…She cut her musical teeth on such great musical storytellers as King, Fleetwood Mac and Cat Stevens. Her piano driven songs manage to capture the fine art of musical storytelling in 3 ½ minutes that is becoming a dying art-form in today’s industry. That, combined with her unique vocal stylings, has made her stand-out in a rather stagnant crowd of musical wannabes.” 
– Johnny Price, I’m Music Magazine


“Through masterful use of rich vocal harmony and insightful lyrics, Barth's signature blend of folk, pop, rock, and soul has garnered a tremendously loyal fan base that helped fund her first full-length album to the tune of $8,000…The depth of her songwriting skills and voice are reminiscent of 70s and 80s acts such as Carly Simon, with deeply personal and honest lyrics reflecting life, in the form of relationships, disappointments, and many things in-between.”  
– Lindsey Borders, AXS

Photo by Chris Owyoung.

Photo by Chris Owyoung.

“It is so refreshing to hear an artist who is so passionate about their music and truly brings that message through their songs as well…You can’t help but embrace her style and eagerly await to hear more.” 
– Marisol Richardson, Music Junkie Press

“Charming, whimsical, nostalgic. These are all words that I would use to describe my pick for Woman Crush Wednesday: Lesley Barth. Her unique take on retro pop and soul might have you thinking that she comes from the 70s – fitting nicely somewhere between Carole King and Fleetwood Mac, but her career’s just kicking off in the here and now.” 
– Lisa Fiorilli, Confront Magazine

“This singer/songwriter is charming listeners one tune at a time. While in the studio working on her first full-length album, which was crowd-funded by her dedicated legion of fans, the engaging artist is set on keeping her fans entertained through fresh content with a personal touch.” – Libel