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new single “pinwheels” out October 12th

featuring Shannon Soderlund & Chelsey Coy

Stream the single here: https://soundcloud.com/lesleybarth/pinwheels/s-f8f0n

PRESS RELEASE - Following Green Hearts, her critically acclaimed album about young love released in 2017, Lesley Barth’s life has substantially evolved. Her latest single, Pinwheels (featuring Shannon Soderlund & Chelsey Coy), reflects her changed perspective. Barth writes: “Pinwheels is about how the human heart is like a pinwheel; the wind comes and brings something or someone new to us, and our colors begin to blend as the wind moves us.”

An intimate opening of acoustic guitar and vocals introduces a captivating and memorable melody. “Pinwheels” then expands outward on golden waves of harmonium, building to a triumphant final chorus, thick with vocal harmony. Barth’s sound, so reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac on Green Hearts, now takes on a magical quality, treading new uncharted ground for the artist.

Barth forged fearlessly ahead this year, abandoning an alternate, ill-fitting career for a fuller commitment to her craft. It felt like I was finally able to take off a mask that no longer fit and was coloring all of my interactions. Yet, in leaving that part of me behind, I realized how very grateful I am for the people I met and the paths I traveled. This song is really about that  – the people who come into our lives and change us,” she writes.

The idea for the song came to me in a remote cabin in the Catskills - I saw this faroff pinwheel turning in the wind on a hill outside the cabin.” Lesley brought the idea to Single Girl, Married Girl’s Chelsey Coy and Punch the Sun’s Shannon Soderlund, who leant both their singing and songwriting skills to the project to create the sparkling triad of interweaving female voices heard throughout. The collaboration calls to mind current Americana supergroup I’m With Her.

It’s a fitting story for a song about how people change our perception of others and ourselves: “We go ‘round.  The cycle just continues – losing what we know for what we’ve found.” “Pinwheels” provides a satisfying mellow reverie and a glimpse at what’s to come. Lesley will be releasing several singles over the next year as she builds her second, promising album.


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