Upcoming Shows


House Concerts

Interested in Hosting?  Here's a quick overview:

1. WHAT IS A HOUSE CONCERT?  It's a 1-1.5 hour show followed by a casual meet-and-greet at your home!  

2. WHO CAN HOST ONE? Anyone in the NYC or Philly metro area (if you're further away, email me and we can discuss possibilities!)

3. WHAT ARE HOST'S RESPONSIBILITIES? Simply put: throw a great party!  I have some tips, including bringing at least 20 adult guests together (less than that and it's hard for it to feel like a real concert AND not financially viable for me and/or my band), introducing me and making a request for donations following the show.  If you'd prefer to not ask for donations, we can discuss a guarantee.

4. DO I NEED A PA SYSTEM?  Nope - we can bring a set-up for a solo or duo performance!  We just need a space large enough for 20 + people to sit comfortably.

5.  WHY?   House concerts are my favorite kind of shows - intimate, casual, and we have the chance to speak before/after the show.  

Email booking@lesleybarth.com to learn more or propose a date!