Lesley Barth


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Green Hearts - Out nOW!

"One of the most intelligent, evocative pop albums to appear in recent years." - Anti-Heroin Chic

"Make no mistake, Barth is a star, center stage, and she is using her platform to give it her all. Run and grab your copy of Green Hearts when it comes out. You will not be let down." - Music Existence


"Barth can deliver an impactful lyric that makes you do a double take, given the soft, sweet nature of her voice and style... As I finished fully listening to Green Hearts on a gray, rainy day, I felt moved by nearly every aspect of it." - 5/5 stars, White Noise Zine


"Green Hearts is such a great album from beginning to end.  Barth is a clever and unique storyteller and that’s an art form that’s in very short supply these days. Great music should not only be heard, but it should also be felt. " - I'm Music Mag


"A great album for a more contemplative mood, 'Green Hearts’ is an accomplished record that’s sure to wow audiences live." - Music Soup