Lesley Barth


Official site of singer/songwriter Lesley Barth.

Photo by Patrick J. Eves - 2016, Northside Fest at Gold Sounds, Brooklyn.

New York-based singer-songwriter Lesley Barth is a master of fusion.  The daughter of an opera singer and an actress, she grew up in a very musical and creative household, studying classical piano, devouring Romantic poetry, and swimming in 60s/70s pop, rock, and soul. Following a few years of teaching music in Philadelphia, Barth moved to New York City 5 years ago and has been consistently building a name for herself.

After performing around top NYC singer/songwriter venues for a few years and capturing audiences with her strong voice and compelling lyrics, she released her debut EP, “Good Like This,” as a surprise to her supporters on her 28th birthday in summer of 2015, quickly building a loyal and devoted fanbase off of its warm reception.  Only several months later, in partnership with OvationTV and Rockethub selected as part of their first “Creative Studio” of artists, she was able to crowdfund her first full-length album from the growing number of supporters who were hungry for more from Barth.

Since April of this year, she’s made three music videos with blogs like Pancakes & Whiskey, AXS, Music Junkie Press, PopWrapped, and more, taking note.

The album “Green Hearts,” out January 27th, 2017, was made at Brooklyn’s Mission Sound, where Barth recorded her debut EP in 2014.  Elements from disco, folk, country, blues, and retro pop have been woven together by themes of longing, soul-searching, and young love in her first full-length album. 

While tracks run through a range of related genres and feels, her lyrical voice is something listeners cling to as un-changing throughout.  AXS recognizes her “deeply personal and honest lyrics reflecting life, in the form of relationships, disappointments, and many things in-between.” Fleetwood Mac enthusiasts and Springsteen die-hards alike will appreciate the variety and depth of sounds granted on her track list.